The 4 Key Benefits of Exercise

The 4 Key Benefits of Exercise

The health benefits of regular exercise are numerous and quite frankly, hard to ignore. All individuals regardless of their age can benefit from an increase in physical activity. If you want to feel better both physically and mentally, have improved levels of energy and add years to your life, exercise is the way to go. 

A lack of exercise causes your muscles to become weak and flabby. Additionally, the vital organs, including your lungs and heart stop to function as effectively as they should, and your joints begin to stiffen. Please note that stiff joints are prone to injury. Therefore, in the grand scheme of things, the lack of exercise is just as bad as smoking or excessive drinking. Our bodies are designed for physical activity, so here is what exercise can do for you:

Helps to manage weight

Exercise helps in the prevention of excessive weight gain as well as weight loss. Engaging in physical activity allows your body to burn calories. The number of calories burnt depends on how active you are and how intense the activity is.  Increased physical activity, even brisk walks, can also allow you to manage your weight; the key is to remain consistent and dedicated throughout.

Exercise helps you fight illnesses

The human body craves exercise because it was designed to move regularly. Exercise helps to prevent a wide range of diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes and a wide array of other diseases. Furthermore, exercise helps to delay the effects of aging and can also help to improve one’s appearance.

It improves stamina

When you work out, the body utilizes energy in order to keep going. Aerobic activity such as walking and bicycling improves your stamina by training your body to become more efficient.  Eventually, consistent energy allows you to perform daily tasks such as climbing the stairs using less energy for the same amount of work; your heart rate and breathing rate improve as you continue to do strenuous activity.

It improves your flexibility

Workouts are not only good for your posture, but they also improve the way you can bend, twist or reach for things.  A limber body is important for balance and proper coordination. Additionally, it prevents the risk of injury and loosens up muscles, which helps you to relax more.  If you suffer from upper or lower back pain or if you experience tense shoulders and neck muscles, you should consider stretching exercise to loosen the tension.