5 Fabulous Benefits of Robust Gut Health

5 Fabulous Benefits of Robust Gut Health

We've touched a little before on how to take care of your gut. After all, the gut has been touted the “second brain” and indeed has a far-reaching impact on your brain function, hormonal balance, weight, immune system, and even mood (but we’ll get back to that).

As you might expect, our intestines house trillions of bacteria that play an indispensable role in digestion, absorption, and elimination of foods we consume. However, the benefits of good gut health go far beyond digestion.

Here are 5 amazing benefits of having sound gut health.

It Strengthens Your Immune System

The connection between gut health and the immune system is well-documented. The science behind immunity-gut health axis is quite fascinating. You see, the bacteria lining our intestines – especially the large intestine – provide an excellent barrier that keeps harmful toxins, pathogens from getting into the body.

Boosts Mood and Improves Mental Health

Another great importance of gut health has to do with your mood and mental health. Of course, the type of food our body processes can have a tremendous positive effect on the brain function. That is, if the gut health is sound, the brain is bound to be happy. In fact, an array of gut microbes has been known to work together to help protect and even heal the brain.

The type of food that body processes can have an enormously positive effect on the functions of the brain. And when the gut is healthy, the brain is happier. Certain microbes found in the gut can work to help heal and protect the brain in the long-term. However, poor gut health has been linked to mental health issues such as ADHD, migraines, dementia, and depression.

Encourages Weight Loss

A series of studies have been undertaken to establish the connection between weight loss and gut health. One obvious reason why farmers use antibiotics to fatten their cows is that it decimates the number of good bacteria that regulate weight loss. These microbes play a vital role in the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. That means they can limit the take up of bad fatty acids and promote absorption of antioxidants and healthy proteins.

Spruces Up Your Energy Levels

Gut health encourages the body to absorb nutrients and eliminate harmful toxins, something which promotes the flow of energy “juices.” This way, your body is vibrant enough to beat fatigue.

Regulate Hormone Levels

Estrogens are usually deactivated in the liver and dumped into the guts alongside bile. Good microbes in our guts, however, can activate them and stimulate their absorption back into the body. Why? Low estrogen levels can cause a series of issues ranging from PMS to migraines and everything in-between.